About Us

Our Vision

At Watermill Bridge our vision is of a place that nurtures our health, refreshes our minds and invigorates our souls. The opportunity to work with the natural elements that give the place its spirit will allow us to create a place where we care for nature, it cares for us, and we care for each other.

Our vision for this place will:

  • respect the existing landscape and its spirit;
  • bring us closer together using that spirit to inform the sense of the place we create to connect all ages through nature providing a comprehensive landscape framework for humans and animals;
  • provide an opportunity to see nature in action through a range of habitats and programmes centred around them;
  • a place for the future where homes are designed for longer lifespans and differing lifestyles; and
  • a place that draws us into another world where life takes on a different pace and the natural world enchants you.